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US News 10 Tips for Writing the College Application Essay breaks down the best ways for students to excel at the, arguably, most unpredictable part of a college application.

This blog assumes that actual student applicant write their own college application essays?

Many students look forward to starting their first year of college, but many may not look forward to writing the college application essay. This is an important task that helps determine your approval into the college of your choice. It also helps the school learn about you and why they feel you would be an asset to their establishment. Some students may not take this task seriously the first time around since they think it is a typical essay assignment. But, when they learn they have been rejected, the aspect of importance slowly starts to sink in. In other words, they may realize it is more important than they thought to write a good essay.

writing the college application essay

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Harry Bauld is author of On Writing the College Application Essay (HarperCollins, 1987), and has been an admissions officer at Brown and Columbia. He is currently chair of the English department at the Putney School in Vermont.