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The process of writing a term paper teaches you to select the most meaningful and appropriate words and concepts, construct your argument and express your thoughts logically as well as it develops your analytical thinking and your organizational skills.

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Along with the footnotes, endnotes can be used as well. The endnotes are used if you are instructed or required to do them. As you already know the footnotes are being put on the bottom of the page where the citations and quotes where used. The endnotes are being put on a completely separate page and are being included at the end of the written term paper.

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Internet today offers millions of possibilities to find credible sources of information. Admit it: you can write a term paper using only one article found online. But is it enough? No. A good research requires good sources. First of all, they have to be up-to-date materials. Tutors usually insist that information has to be no more than 15 years old, unless you examine authentic writing and historical documents for your term paper writing, of course. The easiest way to pass this step is to choose materials used in class. Most often, it is just enough. If you are absolutely into your question, look for additional information. Talk to librarians. Your term paper topic will be of no problem to these experienced people familiar with available researches. Ask your tutor which sources he would advise you to use. Use monographs and journal articles, for they form the basis of scientific researches. Specialized journals will also add credibility to your term paper, providing you with narrow and specific information oftentimes followed by quality statistical data to support your arguments. Now that all the preparations are completed, write your first draft. There is a simple formula any tutor will urge you to follow when writing a term paper supported by an outline. Firstly, tell the reader what your term paper writing is about. If to say it in a fancy way, state your thesis. Try to keep a thesis simple to understand and short to read (no more than two sentences), and be sure to introduce it in the first paragraph. Now, say what there is to say. Write the main paragraphs and do not limit your term paper writing to only three or four. Use as many paragraphs as it is needed to cover the material. Finally, tell the reader what the primary goal of your term paper was and whether you have managed to achieve it. Write a conclusion. Avoid short sentences, childish and high school constructions, and biased language. Your first draft will help you produce a well organized and thoroughly researched term paper.