Writing Good Multiple Choice Questions

Writing good multiple choice questions is at the heart of successful Readiness Assurance Tests. Question should test concepts and foundational knowledge that students will require before they begin problem solving. We typically write the questions at about 1/3 Bloom’s level knowledge and recall and 2/3 at simple application. They key here is to get students ready for application activities that follow.

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FORMAT/ METHODS: The Workshop will be conducted using a 'team-based learning' format. Attendees will be provided with a 'pre-workshop' reading assignment on writing effective multiple choice questions and the Workshop will begin with an individual and a team Readiness Assurance Test (RAT). The team RAT will be taken using the IFAT form and will be followed by a mini-lecture addressing confusing aspects of the reading assignment. The Workshop will continue with one or more team application exercises concerning writing effective multiple choice questions. In these, attendees will be challenged to apply their knowledge of how to write good multiple choice questions and receive immediate feedback on their success in doing so.

How to Write Good Multiple Choice Exam Questions

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A multiple choice question begins with a stem or lead-in that is addressed by a correct response chosen from a list of alternatives. Writing a good multiple choice question that elicits an answer based on knowledge, not guessing or misunderstanding, is an art. For example: