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Now that all the preparations are completed, write your first draft. There is a simple formula any tutor will urge you to follow when writing a term paper supported by an outline. Firstly, tell the reader what your term paper writing is about. If to say it in a fancy way, state your thesis. Try to keep a thesis simple to understand and short to read (no more than two sentences), and be sure to introduce it in the first paragraph. Now, say what there is to say. Write the main paragraphs and do not limit your term paper writing to only three or four. Use as many paragraphs as it is needed to cover the material. Finally, tell the reader what the primary goal of your term paper was and whether you have managed to achieve it. Write a conclusion. Avoid short sentences, childish and high school constructions, and biased language. Your first draft will help you produce a well organized and thoroughly researched term paper.

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Writing a term paper can be broken down into three steps. Often, people make the mistake of doing step three ahead of the other steps, which makes for a lot of wasted time. First, prepare for the paper by analyzing the assignment requirements, brainstorming and creating a preliminary outline. Second, conduct the necessary research. Finally, write your paper, edit, and then proofread. You may want to use the NEW to help organize your time.