How to Write a Research Paper Proposal

Some people would argue that writing a research paper proposal is more important and in some ways more difficult than writing the actual research paper. Certainly it is possible to get your research paper proposal wrong or have it deemed unsatisfactory. If that's the case you have to start again. That being the case it is clearly important that you get the proposal right the first time. Don’t put the cart in front of the horse. It’s a simple truism. Write an excellent proposal and thus be able to write an excellent research paper. That is the best way to learn how to write a research paper proposal.

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Have you been assigned a research paper that has to be written in APA format? Are you required to write a research paper proposal in APA format in order to get your topic approved for research? This can be a very tricky challenge because the proposal needs to be in a specific format in order to get approved. Therefore, before you go ahead and get started with your research or evidence collection, you will have to make sure that your research proposal follows a few guidelines. Some of the most important guidelines for the research paper proposal in APA format include:

Help Writing A Research Paper Proposal

Writing a Research Paper Proposal

Your job is to convince your supervisor that your proposal is the real thing. You need to convince them that your thesis statement is solid and is a statement or question which can be tackled with vigour and in great detail. A weak thesis statement is a sure fire way to flunk your proposal. The more time you spend on thinking about your thesis statement, the greater your chance of success. Think strong thesis statement and think success. When you know how to write a research paper proposal, your thesis statement will dominate.