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Writing a college admission essay can be a tremendously difficult task for many high school students. College admission committees put a lot of weight on this aspect of an application, as it is the only chance a student has to separate him or herself from the several hundreds of other students who are applying to a specific school. There are some good places where students can find great samples to get an idea of what it takes to stand apart from the herd and really make a positive impression. Here are some basic tips:

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The College Prep Workshop for ages 16 to 18 prepares students to excel in college level writing. Many students who earned A's in high school English are shocked to discover that high school writing will earn a C or D in college. These ten lessons provide a year's worth of practice with analyzing writing, developing a classical argument, writing a college admission essay, researching for documented writing, and giving presentations. Because many colleges strongly recommend courses in American and British literature, a convenient list of poetry, fiction, nonfiction, and drama is included lesson by lesson.

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When it comes to writing a college admission essay, most students have to write a personal statement. This part of the process requires students to write about their goals, dreams and ambitions. Often, students have to incorporate some of their life experiences. Additionally, they should include steps that they have already written to achieve these goals.

There are few other times in a young students life that are as stressful as when they are applying to college. Writing a college admission essay has many kids scratching their heads and stressing over every single word, praying and hoping that the essay will be good enough to help get them into their preferred school. Even if you aren’t trying out for Harvard or Princeton, application essay writing can be a strain on your mind and body, keeping you up nights wondering about your academic future. At Essay4Me, we thought this constant attitude of fear and anxiety towards application essays was downright wrong. So, to combat the stressful effect of application essay writing on our youth, we’ve hired and trained dozens of high-achieving writers to take on the responsibility for you.Get information on planning for college, use a guided search to find colleges, get tips on writing a college admission essay and on college entrance exams