Sample Thesis Research Proposal

A key part of your application for a research degree is the research proposal. Different faculties have different requirements for the thesis proposal. It is recommended that you discuss the requirements of your research proposal with your faculty and potential supervisor prior to submission.


A research proposal is an important part of a research paper. The research proposal is the comprehensive description of the research paper. It is developed to focus on the research aims and objective. It is made in order to provide overview of the whole research (Money & Remenyi 2004). Research Proposal is developed in order to get approval for the research to be conducted. It is important for pre strategic planning for different areas of research. It is made to analyze the different tools and techniques to be used for the research. According to Money & Remenyi (2004) research proposal determines what methodology would be used for a research and what would be the prior requirements of the research. Apart from this, research proposal also assist in determining the success of a research.

sample thesis research proposal Success

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Students will submit their research proposals to their major professors, who will probably want to discuss the contents thereof with them. The professors may suggest changes in the topic, the line of reasoning, or the direction of the research.