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But there was a problem. Plans for the April issue included a 16-page layout of a short story titled “The Term Paper Artist” written by David Leavitt, best-known for his gay-themed novel “The Lost Language of Cranes.” At 20,000 words, it was going to be one of the longest works of fiction Esquire had ever run. And it was sprinkled with scenes some might find offensive or provocative: a marijuana-laced flirtation, a few explicit sexual encounters, and a handful of four-letter words.

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Some of the term papers for art may take the form of a creation report or a development report. Here the student must describe, in process writing style, the various aspects involved in the creation of an artistic work. It may be a painting, a song, a composition, a sonata, a film, a music video or a play. Such papers need to combine eloquence of art with the soundness of theoretical backbone which needs to underpin the student’s creation. Even if the student initiated the creation without any theoretical restraints, he or she should be able to interpret through an appropriate theoretical lens.

October 15, 2008 The Term Paper Artist

Leavitt, David. The Term Paper Artist. Arkansas: Three Novellas. Boston: Houghton Mifflin, 1997. 1-74.

So WB's one of my heroes. I've seen him sometimes at my coffee place or around other spots in Chapel Hill. I have a first of David Leavitt's at home, one that says "The Term Paper Artist" had originally appeared in Esquire. I could get my copy of signed, but I don't know if I have the to hand Arkansas to one of my early literary heroes and ask him to sign it. I don't know if he'd find it very amusing or very not.