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Two of the Projects Group's three sections were named for areas. Initially they were called the Overseas Bases Section and the Continental U. S. and Departments Section but later in the year were redesignated the Atlantic Section and the Pacific Section. They handled all matters concerning projects within their respective areas, but the only specific action open to officers in these sections was "coordination where necessary" with other agencies. In fact, when in special circumstances General Marshall or the Secretary of War specifically ordered General Gerow to issue instructions to the field concerning military operations, the WPD chief usually turned to the Plans Group for assistance. What the two area-oriented sections of the Projects Group actually did was simply to advise the Division on policies concerning allocation of defensive installations and[53]combat resources to the overseas bases, especially in the Panama Canal, PuertoRican, Hawaiian, and Philippine Departments. Finally, the Current Section ofthe group performed much the same function in studying general War Departmentpolicy on such matters as Army organization, equipment scheduling, and aviationdevelopment. It was referred to as a miscellaneous unit, a term which in manyways applied to the entire Projects Group.

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The Projects Group is supported by fabrication services via Strike Group's industrial services group, which has four fabrication facilities available.

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Mitarbeiter im Projektmanagement müssen nicht nur die richtigen PM-Werkzeuge haben, sondern diese auch optimal bedienen können. Nur so arbeiten Sie effizient. TPG The Project Group bietet neben einer Vielzahl an offenen Seminaren in München auch Firmenseminare, die individuell auf Ihre Anforderung zugeschnitten werden.