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In fact, whether you are including an abstract as part of your paper or not, it can still be beneficial to have a better understanding of how to create a good quality introduction for your term paper. In order to get a better idea of how to write the work, it can be beneficial to look for various samples of good term paper introductions.

An essay or term paper introduction should be divided into three parts

Students are given a full semester to plan, research and write their term papers, so their instructors expect to see very well-written results. A term paper introduction must include key facts about the topic, serve as a content guide to the whole essay and clearly assert the thesis statement. Additionally, a worthwhile opening should interest the reader enough to make them eager to read the rest of the essay. While it’s only about half of a page in length, the introduction tends to be the part students struggle with most when writing their research essays. If you’re working on your first term paper, you probably have no clue how to structure it. The only way to make sure you’ve written an acceptable opening is to compare it to a good example. To find a sample of a great term paper introduction, use one of the truly reliable sources.

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If you’re looking for a high quality term paper introduction, then it may be worth looking for articles on “top 10” websites, where the subject of one or more of the articles is related to essay writing. Obviously, if a term paper introduction - or even the whole essay - made into a top 10 list, then the chances are that this is a solid sample.

Term paper introduction will state the reader; aim, importance, analysis and interpretation of your work. It will include the title, author, thesis statement, summary and definitions and of course all the necessary information for better understanding.Starting with anecdotes is another way to start an introduction; here you will get an opportunity to exercise your creative skills. You have to pick a specific event that open the subject for and then briefly relate it to your story. Your arguments in story will reflect the theme of your topic. A term paper introduction example which starts with a story goes like this: