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a. Composition–Three original scores representative of various forms and media.
b. Ethnomusicology–A personal statement of 800 words minimum (3 pages) including the purpose of study. Background in cultural anthropology is desirable and, depending on the thesis research, may be required.
c. Music Education–BEd (music education) or equivalent, minimum of one year of full-time music teaching experience in a public or private school, a 20-30 minute videotape/DVD demonstrating current teaching expertise, and a lesson or rehearsal plan.
d. Musicology–Sample of academic writing proficiency (a 10-page term paper in English from an upper division music history course is preferred).
e. Performance–An audition of works representative of various musical styles. An applicant not residing in Hawai'i must submit an unedited tape recording or CD comparable in scope and length to an in-person audition and, if admitted, will audition before the department admissions faculty before registering for the first semester of residency to ascertain appropriate placement in the curriculum sequence. A recent UH Manoa graduate may be admitted without a hearing if the BMus senior recital is considered to be of high enough quality by the majority of the department admissions faculty.

dance, active participation, oral presentation, term paper in English (15-20 pages)

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As an international student you will automatically be enrolled in the course International Taxation instead of the Danish course Basic Tax Law. The course Civil Procedure will only be available in Danish but you have the option to write a term paper in English instead of attending classes. If you wish to attend the classes in Danish (Civilprocesret and Grundlæggende Skatteret) you need to inform us by e-mail after you have been admitted to the LLM-programme. Please note, that if you attend the classes in Danish you have to take the examination in Danish as well.