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There should be no more problems if you have gone through this article completely. If you still feel a little unsure about term paper cover page formats, do call us or mail us and we will ensure that you have it all.

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This is a common area of doubt for many students. One says: I like the Comic Sans font – it looks really cool! Sorry, but you really cannot use it. Another one says: the Algerian font looks classy – has this Gothic look to it! Sorry, but you cannot use this either. Once again, let us reiterate here that this is an academic piece of writing and not anything else. You need to stick to fonts like Arial, Times New Roman or Verdana or something that is as simple and straightforward as these three. Anything else is bound to get you into trouble. One of the worst things that could happen to a student is the loss of marks because of a wrong term paper cover page format. Therefore, get in touch with us if you have a doubt about the format – we will help you sort it out.

Term paper cover page formats – make them as simple as possible

Term paper cover page format and examples

What is a Term Paper?
A term is an academic form of writing done by students over an academic term or semester. It accounts for quite a large part of the final grade. Its primary objective is to describe an event, discuss a concept or argue a point usually covering a significant area in the course of study. It often issued at the beginning of the semester and submitted towards the end. All academic documents will have different formats and style of writing. All of them including the paper cover page will differ from one paper to the other and are necessary for their way.
Importance of the Term Paper Cover Page
The cover page for term paper is as important as the content. It displays the title of , the author, the institution, class and registration number, timelines and the professor in charge. This page will not only be an identification tool for your work to all the examiners involved in marking, but also presents a first impression about you.
How to Format a Term Paper
There are different methods of formatting academic writing with each having different specifications. The most common methods of formatting are the APA, MLA and Harvard styles. In all of these, the title page is always the first page. Tables and illustrations will have a different naming style, and so are the section headings and subheadings. If you are using the APA, for instance, this is how you are going to format your term paper.
The paper layout will be the standard A4- 8.5 x 11" with a constant margin of 1” all round. The font will always be 12-pt, and the style as specified by the lecturer and most of the time you will be required to use New Times Roman or the Calibri fonts. You will apply a double spacing all through the text and a flush left text alignment. The space period after a sentence should always be one unless the professor states otherwise. The page numbers come on each page on the upper right margin, 0.5” from top and flush with the right margin. You insert your last name trailed by the page number.
Format of a Term Paper Cover page
The term paper cover page format is a simple concept to grasp. At the bottom of the page is a term paper cover page example. Before that, there are a number of checks for your cover page. It should contain a title, your name, your school, running head, and a page number-double spaced and centered on the page. The title should be clear, explicit, and clearly describes the objective of your paper. The running head should be in uppercase letters and not more than fifty characters long. Take a look.