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In addition to our advising services, the ORC maintains a library of scholarship literature, binders of successful application essays, and for some of our awards, a mentor database of previous Stanford scholars.

50 Successful Stanford Application Essays Get into Stanford and Other Top Colleges

Scholarships that are listed on are legitimate and may be worth pursuing, because their database is updated on monthly basis to refresh deadlines and to remove scholarships that are no longer active. Here is how Scholly works: once you install the app and launch it, you are prompted to give a bit of your personal information like your Sate, Race, GPA, Gender, and Major – this helps discover scholarships that fit your specific criteria. There is also a gray area for miscellaneous stuff like athlete, vegetarian, religious preference, etc. even takes it a step further and offers examples of successful application essays to help assist you in your own pursuit of scholarships.

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Learning how to write a successful application essay is a process that consists of three major steps.

We only accept successful application essays from students and recent grads whose enrollment has been verified at the school their essays are listed under. Additionally, our expert staff reviews each essay to ensure it’s worth your time and money to read it.