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The second edition of Understanding Strategic Management continues to build upon the strengths of the first edition with its excellent writing style, ability to convey complex information in a clear manner, the use of analysis, relevant up-to-date case material and coverage of different perspectives in strategic management. With an emphasis on providing students with the essential tools of analysis, the second edition also links material in the textbook far more closely with the Online Resource Centre (ORC). This also hosts additional quantitative material, which is signposted throughout the textbook. This edition includes coverage of strategy relating to the public sector, complete with public sector examples. Online Resource Centre: The Online Resource Centre (ORC) accompanying the text provides all the teaching and learning materials needed to support each chapter, removing the need for lecturers to look for additional seminar and test materials, and giving students the resources they need to check and build upon their understanding.
Seminar activities can be based around the additional online case studies with suggested answers, and students can test themselves using online multiple choice questions with feedback and internet exercises which build on the analysis in each chapter. The new edition has a far greater integration between the textbook and the online material with a new Tools and Techniques feature which links to more quantitative material hosted on the ORC, and a brand new Key Work feature which provides more in-depth information online. These new features add depth and detail to the content without adding to the books page extent. For students: Tools and Techniques; links from the text to more quantitative material to enable students to delve deeper into this field Key Work; offers additional detail to enable a deeper understanding and broader knowledge of interesting aspects of Strategic Management Multiple choice questions, Abstracts of journal articles, Resource box; offers a comprehensive list of resources, websites, and material you will find useful for further study in Strategic Management Internet exercises, Flashcard glossary.
For lecturers: PowerPoint lecture slides, Diagrams and tables, Test bank, Answers to some discussion questions, Further case material; including 3 brand new short cases and 2 new long cases, specifically written to support the text, and supported by questions for students.

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