MBA 8211 Data Analysis Statistics Research Project Report Outline

In March 2009, the DPRK Economic Forum, a program of the U.S.-Korea Institute at SAIS, released the “DPRK Economic Statistics Project Report,” written by Mika Marumoto.

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Data interpretation
Orders to ship ratio, is used to participate in the IPC research project in the past three months, the number of orders divided by the same period, the ratio of sales. Ratio over 1, said the current demand exceeds supply, indicating that the next three to six months, sales will grow to the trend of development. The ratio is less than 1, which means that the current supply is greater than demand.
Year on year growth rate and the growth rate of the beginning of the year, it has guiding significance to the development trend of the industry. Chain data because of its cyclical and short-term impact of the factors, need to be treated with caution. Compared with the delivery of data, the change in the order data is greater, the change of the order delivery ratio between the month and the month, it is not so important, unless the obvious changes in the 3 consecutive months. Inquiry into the change of order and delivery of goods to understand the change of the order delivery ratio is also important.
IPC monthly PCB industry statistics, from the United States and Canada in the United States and Canada has a representative sample of the rigid flexible PCB manufacturers to provide data regularly. IPC will release the PCB orders to the monthly release and PCB statistics project report. Monthly statistical reports will be released next month.

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