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Statistics is always used in all kinds of field; hence there are a lot of statistics project ideas to choose from. We always suggest starting with ideas that tap your curiosity and grabs your interest as researches like these can take a couple of months (even years) to accomplish. Rigging and manipulating results by doing a survey then deciding the outcome is not a good practice. Below is a list of popular ideas that you could use:

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The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistic projects 12% job growth for archivists between 2012-2022. This is about average. In May of 2014, the average salary for an archivist was $52,930.

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The research is aimed at establishing estimates of the economic value and of the contribution to the Gross Added Value (GAV) and to the Spanish Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the cultural sector and of those linked to intellectual property. This has been carried out in line with the Integral Plan to Reduce and Eliminate Activities Breaching Intellectual Property where the need to quantify the effect of cultural creation in the economy is established.

Following a preliminary methodological study, the Statistical Division of the Ministry for Culture implemented an unprecedented research project, in conjunction with the University of Valencia. Over a two year period, Ezequiel Uriel, professor at the Department of Economic Analysis at that university, studied the value of culture and the weight of the activities associated with intellectual property. The results have been produced with the help of the National Institute of Statistics and the Spanish Inland Revenue Service, which provided specific exploitations of statistic projects within their jurisdiction.