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A statistical project is an extremely powerful teaching tool that integrates numerous concepts and skills presented in the classroom. Here are some basic guidelines for developing a statistical project.

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The process of developing a statistical project should demonstrate the scientific method and pose a focused question or questions, collect appropriate data, analyze the data thoughtfully, and draw correct conclusions.

A statistical project is the process of answering a research question using statistical techniques and presenting the work in a written report. The research question may arise from any field of scientific endeavor, such as athletics, advertising, aerodynamics, or nutrition. A project differs from a statistical poster in that a written report is used to present the findings. Most statistic projects ask college students to come up with an interesting question and at the same time design and carry out surveys and experiments. Most of the data should be collected by you and picking up data from the web is usually not permissible. The list below can be used as a guide for creating your own ideas. The presents the vision that problemsolving is a main goal of mathematics instruction at all levels and calls for student involvement in statistical activities at all grade levels. The standards indicate statistical thinking should start in the primary grades with the creation of student data from class activities. In upper grades, the emphasis is on collecting, organizing, summarizing, and interpreting data from other school disciplines, such as the physical or social sciences, as well as outside interests of the students. The statistical project is a powerful tool for attaining these goals while exercising essential communication skills. The statistical project competition is especially useful for the high school AP statistics classes. Students in these classes are learning the basics of statistics methodology. This year, the AP statistics exam was held on May 10, three weeks prior to the submission deadline for the project competition. For many schools, there are still weeks of school left after AP statistics exam has passed. Conducting a statistical project can be a powerful learning experience, and the statistical project competition can provide the motivation. Statistical projects allow students to apply all the statistical skills they have acquired throughout the school year to solve a real-world problem of interest to them. Monetary awards, plaques, and new TI-Calculators as prizes contribute to the motivation.