The core services of our Special Projects Group include:

A national company headquartered in Atlanta, GA, the Special Projects Group provides innovative graphic applications and unmatched customer service to clients throughout the United States. We have done thousands of projects for loyal customers who have seen their business and profits grow as a result.

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Joint Force Enterprises has teamed up with BCM and the guys at Black Powder Red Earth to build one really sweet rifle that they are calling the Cold Harbor Special Projects Group “SOPMOD” carbine. Most of the time when you buy a rifle you look at it and think of all things you need to upgrade. Aside from adding an Optic and a Battle Arms Development Ambi Safety, this rifle is EXACTLY how I would want it. It has Knights Armament folding micro BUIS, BCM KMR 13″ rail, Geissele Super Dynamic Combat Trigger, B5 Systems stock and a ton more. Not to mention the duotone Cerakote job the JFE did looks amazing. Check out all of the pics and details below. Purchasing details listed at .

Special Projects Group services include:

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SPG Inc. - Special Projects Group Inc. offers a wide range of electrical engineering products design and development capabilities. We can satisfy your electrical circuit design needs with a team of highly skilled engineers and technicians with decades of experience in analog and digital electrical circuit design. Utilizing state of the art technologies, our staff can respond rapidly and efficiently to bring your product from concept to realization.

SPG Inc. - Delivering Engineering Solutions since 1992.

Special Projects Group, Inc.
Special Projects Group - Experienced developers of , , PCB layout, plus product manufacturing. Board and System design. & Microprocessor based design. Firmware-device driver development.Erland is pleased to announce the establishment of the Special Projects Group (SPG), specifically designed to deliver Erland expertise, ingenuity, and problem-solving to existing and future clients on small and complex projects. Under the leadership of Daryl Leland, Manager of Special Projects, SPG offers dedicated resources and cost-effective solutions to unique construction and renovation challenges – often performed on aggressive schedules in occupied facilities.