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Other popular sections of the website that promote and deepen a student's learning include the Minds On Physics Internet Modules (commonly referred to as MOP), The Calculator Pad, and The Review Session. The MOP modules provide a student with an intense, interactive exercise in answering questions that target common conceptual misunderstandings. Instant feedback to student answers is provided. When a pattern of missing is observed, students are directed to question-specific help that will assist in correcting misunderstandings. The Calculator Pad provides students an exercise in solving physics word problems. Each problem is accompanied by an answer and an audio file that provides detailed direction on how to solve the problem. This section is ideally suited to serve those students who need guided practice with solving physics problems. The Review Session serves as a test review tool for students who are preparing for an upcoming physics test. The questions are provided on one page and the answers, explanations and solutions are provided on a different page. A link (or several links) accompanies each question; the links direct students to a page at the Tutorial that addresses the topic.

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Title: Understanding Coreference in a System for Solving Physics Word Problems

In teaching physics, Signet tutors stress understanding the basic physical principles and how they are embodied in mathematical equations. They break down physics concepts in a way that matches a student’s particular learning style and focus on honing the critical thinking skills that are needed for solving physics word problems. By focusing on the conceptual aspect of physics, in addition to any necessary memorization, Signet tutors make physics more intuitive.