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The author is the winner of the 2007 Melba Newell Phillips Award given by the American Association of Physics Teachers. Earlier he was awarded their Oersted Medal

Physicists use "back-of-the-envelope" estimates to check whether or not an idea could possibly be right. In many cases, the approximate solution is all that is needed. This compilation of 101 examples of back-of-the-envelope calculations celebrates a quantitative approach to solving physics problems. Drawing on a lifetime of physics research and nearly three decades as the editor of , Clifford Swartz provides simple, approximate solutions to physics problems that span a broad range of topics. What note do you get when you blow across the top of a Coke bottle? Could you lose weight on a diet of ice cubes? How can a fakir lie on a bed of nails without getting hurt? Does draining water in the northern hemisphere really swirl in a different direction than its counterpart below the equator?

Unlike in mathematics, it is rare to have exact solutions to physics problems.

Like most engineers, I have always been curious about the functioning mechanisms behind the many objects we use in our daily lives. At school, Physics and Maths have always been the subjects that I find most intriguing and in which I excel. This has strongly pushed me towards pursuing a career in engineering. Moreover, the inspiration and originality of engineering surfaced manifestly in me at an early age. This field is one that influences almost all man-made creations and operations, from the enormity of a Yamato Class battleship back in World War II to the minute circuit that powers an artificially intelligent robot to tying a loose bolt on my sister’s bicycle. Friends and teachers describe me as a logical thinker yet I often find unique solutions to physics problems. In addition, Mechanics components in A-level Maths have introduced problems that require an innovative mind, whilst featuring real and useful applications; these undoubtedly widened my scope, improved my application of Mathematics and increased my passion for Mechanics in particular.

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