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Basic physics concepts and principles in areas of motion, force and energy, liquids and gases, thermodynamics, electricity and magnetism, light, sound, and x-ray and nuclear radiations, with examples from daily life as illustrations. Includes practice in numerical solution of simple physics problems. P: MTH 135 or 137 or IC. No formal science prerequisites.

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For many simple physics problems, it is only necessary to describe them intwo dimensions, as XY coordinates. For a common example, for practicalpurposes the balls on a pool table only move in two dimensions. Such asystem is sometimes called "planar". Going back to Dexter wandering aroundin a building, then if the building had only one floor, then Dexter could belocated just with XY coordinates:

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1. There will be six homework assignments throughout the semester, worth a total of 60% of your final grade. The goal of these assignments will be for you to write expositions of theoretical and philosophical issues that arise in relativity. You will be attempting to write articles of the kind a sophisticated science journalist would write, pitched at an educated adult audience. Two of the assignments will involve solving some simple physics problems.