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the experimental part of the Pro gradu the students must present a short research proposal to the Project Co-ordinator (). The proposal is free format but must include the students name, start date of the project, supervisor(s) names and titles and the place where the work will be undertaken. The proposal will be checked to ensure that the research has been well planned in advance. A typical research plan might include half to one side of background information and then around one side of experimental details. If the work is build on previously published results it is useful to include references.

Short Research Proposal Formulation – Assessment (50 points)

Step 3: Complete and submit your to the University of Newcastle (details in the application form and brochure above), along with a very short preliminary research proposal.

Short research proposal example

Prepare a short research proposal (3-5 pages) describing your project. Submit it to any member of the NBB Student Research Committee

Applications are being accepted for 2016-17 and/or 2017-18. Applicants must

• have completed a PhD before they enter the program, and
• be US citizens, non-citizen nationals, or lawfully admitted to the US for permanent residence.

NBER encourages and welcomes applications from candidates from under-represented racial and ethnic groups; candidates with disabilities; and/or individuals from disadvantaged backgrounds. Please refer to for more information about NIH recruitment goals.

How to Apply
Candidates must submit a short research a short research proposal – no more than three pages of text, two pages of supplemental tables and graphs, plus literature cited – along with the names of two references.