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A real one is share term papers dot com(take out the spaces and change the dot 2 a period)

Another shortcoming of the blog for classroom use is that its format is not ideally suited to longer-form writing – such as the term paper – demonstrated by the fact that students who wish or are instructed to share term papers will still email text documents or upload them to shared group folders. While these methods technically allow for the exchange of writing, this very direct, proactive form of sharing deprives the term paper of the full range of social functionalities of the Commons. Thus, the term paper – arguably one of the most important forms of graduate education – completely misses out on the casual, indirect forms of sharing that encourages vibrant group discussion, community building, and unexpected encounters. And while peer commentary is technically possible within the shared text file, it is so technically unwieldy to facilitate group discussion around an emailed file that it hardly ever happens. Furthermore, neither the course blog nor the shared text file use social activity feeds to incentivize commentary or peer engagement. While social media and collaborative platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and Github broadcast user activity that responds to or engages with another user’s activity widely – or at least make it easy to find – the communication mechanisms of blogs and text files leave peer feedback mostly hidden. This lack of technical infrastructure for promoting peer feedback misses the point that evaluating – not just producing – intellectual work is one of the core activities of the academic profession.

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