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FFG is the national funding agency for industrial research and development inAustria. Thescientific officer of FFG expressed the opinion that synthetic biology is at thebeginning stage and that SB-related research is more about basic research, explainingthe lack of activities at FFG. Among FFG’s science programmes, however, is the AustrianGenome Research Programme (GEN-AU), which funds basic research projects and ELSIresearch.However, owing to the lack of active synthetic biology research, as well as to the lackof funding resulting from the current economic situation, no special call has beenissued for synthetic biology. So far, no natural science research proposal dealing withsynthetic biology has been submitted to FFG. Interestingly, the funded SB-relatedprojects are concerned solely with societal aspects (ELSI) (; ; ; ; ).

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The course introduces students to the labor of conceptualizing and designing qualitative field research. This course considers how to approach and conduct qualitative field research by considering the role of theory, methods, methodological dilemmas, and epistemology. The course material considers the role of ethics and politics when conducting research as well as trains students to prepare a social science research proposal. Course objectives include helping students discover their epistemological position(s), obtain skills to collect, interpret and analyze data, consider the various methodological dilemmas encountered in the research field, and write a qualitative research proposal based on a topic of interest to the student.

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In general, social science research, a , applies similar research methodologies the same as other types of research such as marketing research which is inherent with both quantitative approach and qualitative approach, clinical research which is emphasized on specific areas such as pharmaceutical, chemical, health care research, and so on. As a consequence, this hub will represents the brief introductory and guides the audience how to write the proposal for highlighted topic "Example of Social Science Research Proposal" which associates to other hubs written earlier about social science study.