Sample Scholarship Application Essay #1

Scholarships can be as competitive as business school admission. This is why a well-formed and powerfully written scholarship application essay is essential. We can help you to either draft an essay from scratch or refine your existing work. In doing so, you can ensure that your scholarship essay will get the attention it deserves.

from Joe Schall's Writing Personal Statements and Scholarship Application Essays

Scholarship essays help scholarship committees separate the candidates who look good on paper from the students who truly excel at written communication and unique thought. The actual text and content of your scholarship application essays aren’t the only thing that the committees and its readers pay attention to, though. Not only must your essay be clearly written with an original and captivating presence, it must also be written with immaculate spelling and grammar.

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Scholarship Application Essays: Enriching Your Essay with Memorable Detail

Writing a scholarship application essay is a lot different from just writing something like a personal confession in your diary. It has to be well-prepared, coherent, readable, understandable, and most of all, convincing enough to make the college board consider your application for a scholarship.