Sample Annotated Bibliography using Chicago Manual of Style

The document below is a sample annotated bibliography used with permission from Professor Nic Witschi who gives a good brief description of an annotated bibliography followed by an example formatted in MLA.


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Sample Annotated Bibliography in MLA Style

Sample Annotated Bibliography using Chicago Manual of Style

If you are looking for examples of annotated bibliography, you have come to the right place because we provide good annotated bibliography samples and service of bibliography maker. A good example of annotated bibliography contains several things: the bibliographical entry of the source, a brief statement about what the source is about, a review and evaluation of the source, and an explanation why the source is important to your paper. While there is a lot of sample annotated bibliography found in the internet, not all of those are in proper format. Annotated bibliography example uses several formats but commonly, APA and MLA are used. To be sure, let me give you two samples: an and an . Here are the samples for you.