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The supervisor directs the candidate's day-to-day work and acts as primary resource for the candidate. The other members act as a secondary resource. The supervisory committee must approve the breadth requirements and research topic proposal documents before they are submitted to the PhD committee. The supervisory committee normally meets frequently with the candidate. Three times a year it reports on the candidate's progress to the Ph.D. program committee.

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Topic Proposal In the topic proposal step, a 6-page research topic proposal document is submitted for approval. The document gives a description of a proposed subject area and research topic to be pursued, including a brief oultine of the key and most pertinent literature contributions for the proposed topic. The PhD supervisory committee provides feedback on the document, including expected weights of the literature survey and research plan components of the PhD comprehensive examination. In the ULSS CREATE program, the research topic is normally chosen in consultation with the industrial research partner. This step is to be completed by the end of the third term after initial registration in the PhD program. See for details.

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Have their own formal doctoral research topic proposal. The research proposal must be original and innovative. Moreover, it must be clear, goal-oriented and its completion must be feasible within a maximum period of four years.