writing a research report proposal

Applicants will then fill-in a series of fields that include the proposal title, proposal summary (700 character limit), the research report proposal (9,000 character limit) to include the (i) purpose, ii) methodology, and (iii) results of the proposed report, a category for the proposal, and a resume for each author (9,000 character limit per author).

Students will also be required to complete a Research Report Proposal during this course

The submitted proposals for the Research Reports will be reviewed by three PME members whose areas of expertise match the applicant’s chosen research categories. Notification of the decision of the International Program Committee to accept or reject the Research Report proposal will be available after the 2nd meeting of the International Program Committee in April 2014. An accepted paper will appear in the proceedings only if full payment of the conference fee is made no later than May 20, 2014.

Successfully complete a research report proposal

(11) Smid,T.S. (1993). Non-LTE Plasma Diffusion in Inhomogeneous Atmospheres. (Research Report and Proposal). (download from  ).

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