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Once you have those all important research proposal ideas you now need to write it up within the strict guidelines that you will be expected to meet for your research proposal. Academic writing requires that you write in perfect English at all times and follow a strict format if you want to get your work accepted. This can be achieved by following instructions very carefully or by that you can follow with your writing.

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Finding research project ideas is not as simple as some may think, most subjects are pretty well saturated so fining a hole in the available research can be often very difficult, especially a hole that actually interests you. Many academic libraries will have a list of possible research topics that can be of use should there be anything of interest on it. The easiest way however to find research topic ideas is to read research that interests you and review the discussion sections where they may identify shortcomings with their own research or areas that will still require additional research. This is often the best source of everything from business research proposal ideas through to ideas in zoology.

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There are unlimited opportunities to write a research proposal on just about any topic. A good starting point for students might be conducting some minor research and selecting a suitable topic either from the list offered or coming up with one of your own. If you take a look at the latest publications of your school/educational institution, you might get some fresh research proposal ideas from there as well. Just keep in mind that you are not limited to Internet search only.