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As for educational activities, the same faculty also actively design research proposals for PhD students in clinical microbiology, provide training courses for fellows in pediatric infectious diseases, introduce scientific workshops and seminars and finally prepare treatment manuals and pamphlets. In 1389(2011), the Medical Expansion Office approved admission of PhD by Research students at the PACMRC, with four students admitted in 1390(2012), and the program is still going on.

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To open the project to additional EU beneficiaries, a call was launched towards the relevant scientific community to receive research proposals for PhD and post-doc researchers. We now have three PhD and two post-doc projects going in cooperation between UnB and research institutions from the Netherlands (2), Germany (2) and the UK (1). The young researchers and students coming from Germany, Greece, The Netherlands, have been subsequently hired and they have now started their projects. All targeted scientific objectives are fulfilled by the research project in operation. We still have one post-doc available and we are actively seeking a EU partner from Southern or Eastern Europe to strike a geographic balance within the EU. Besides the 5 EU scientific partners of CLIM-AMAZON, more than 50 collaborators are already involved in the project from various cities from Brazil and 5 EU countries (see list in: )