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The best place to find ideas for research proposal topics is to spend time reading through works that are of interest to you. Many papers will list out where their research has failed to provide an answer and further research is required. These suggestions can be a great source of proposal paper topics although you will need to research beyond each paper in case someone has already beaten you to the punch. This method will also provide you with a huge amount of background reading into your subject and provide you with a clear context in which to present your proposals.

Selecting a Research Proposal Topic, Spring 2012

Moderate and severe cases of DDH are usually detected at birth by the paediatrician, or chiropractor attending to a case of Infantile Colic. The tests for HIP DYSPLASIA Ortholani Galeazzi and Barlow are relatively standard. The hip gives a distinctive low-pitched "thunk" as it dislocates. However mild cases often slip through the fingers, resulting in groin pain, beginning even in the teen years, and certainly for young and middle-aged adults. Undetected, untreated there is a greatly increased incidence of hip arthritis. As can be seen from this Developmental Hip Dysplasia CaseFile, DDH responds well (sometimes, usually, often???) to chiropractic management. It makes for a great Research Proposal Topic ...

Selecting a Research Proposal Topic, Spring 2012 1

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Whilst the "fracture" Spondy is often stable, the "degenerative" spondylolysthesis if far more challenging to both clinician and patient, especially when associated with a short leg, further trauma, or a position that requires long hours of sitting. Perfect material for our Research Proposal Topics...