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Because students in the course may come from different disciplinary traditions and approaches, students will, with the guidance of the professor, determine which methods are most appropriate for their work and how to apply feminist theories and methods to their own research, particularly in the research proposal project. The course format will be a combination of seminar discussions, lectures, and student writing and research projects.

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A group of seventh graders from Black Pine Circle (BPC) school in Berkeley recently had a rare opportunity to experience the ALS as “users” via a scientific research proposal project and field trip. The students were led by science and technology teacher Christine Mytko, who spent the past summer at the ALS through the Industry Initiatives for Science and Math Education (IISME) program. Mytko’s time at the ALS was focused on 3D imaging and printing techniques.

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The Antiviral Drug Research Proposal project was part of a larger project involving the development of research-oriented learning activities in Host Pathogen Interaction undergraduate courses (NSF DUE 0837515). Research-oriented learning activity development involved collaboration between faculty members of the Host Pathogen Interactions (HPI) teaching community (, ) and selected research-active graduate students serving as HPI teaching fellows. Faculty members’ research was used as the inspiration or as a model system for the design of each research-oriented learning activity. The development of the activities was approached using the Backward Design method (, ) whereby learning goals and assessments were first established, and then activities developed to meet the goals. Each activity targeted at least one HPI concept (, ), and engaged students in research-oriented learning where students addressed questions/problems relevant to HPI faculty research. The design of each research-oriented learning activity was meant to help students develop higher-order thinking (), defined as attaining upper levels of Bloom’s taxonomy (, ), and a meaningful understanding of the process and the relevance of science (, ). To accomplish these goals, the following learning objectives were established for students engaged in the ADRP project: