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This member chairs the Research Proposal Presentation evaluationmeeting and the oral defense. A copy of the Doctoral StudentSeminar critique prepared by the Proposal Committee members isgiven to you and to the research mentor. Copies of the oral defensesummary also prepared by the Proposal Committee members are givento you, your mentor and to the director of graduate affairs, andaccompany the grade submitted for BCH 565.

If anyone could link to some good examples of research proposal presentations that would be good

The workshop comprised of classroom lectures, discussions and group work on the most relevant topics. The discourse was substantiated with practical exercise on research proposal presentation and scientific report writing for crop, fishery, and livestock subsectors. Research proposal writing on non-commodity areas, particularly natural resource and input management was also encouraged. The climate change scenario, another important contemporary issue, was considered during the exercise. The workshop concluded with group presentation and discussion on the outcome of the exercise by group members.

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Three exams, validity assignment, pseudoscience analysis, research proposal presentation, and final poster presentation.

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