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Research Proposal Preparation in Molecular Genetics and Microbiology
A course, based upon the literature in molecular genetics and microbiology, to instruct students in scientific writing and the preparation of research proposals. The course will be organized in three parts. In the first section of the course, students will become familiar with the components of the research proposal and will read and evaluate proposals written by the training faculty. Lectures given by the course co-directors will cover the basics of scientific writing, research proposal preparation and the problems and concerns commonly voiced by reviewers of research proposals. In the second section, students will develop two short proposals in the area of molecular genetics and microbiology that are unrelated to their graduate research. One of these short proposals will be selected for development into a full proposal. In the third section, students will develop and write the full proposal. The students’ skills in proposal preparation will be enhanced by critiquing the short and full proposals presented by other students in the second and third sections of the course.

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This course explores research design and methodology in the field of communication. The overall goal is to guide students through the preparation of a publishable quality paper. Students will work on formulating a research question, explaining the motivation for the project and its significance and writing up a research proposal. The focus is on empirical social scientific research. This course will help students understand research in the field of media, technology and society, critically evaluate such research, creatively plan research projects and confidently conduct research projects in these areas. Additional goals include: to learn the foundations of research proposal preparation; to master the craft of reviewing scholarly papers and research proposals; to demystify the process of publishing papers in professional journals; and to strengthen and polish presentation skills.

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