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Research proposals are very often underestimated. Students think that it is research paper itself that matters. But you have to present your ideas as to research paper to your professor. Obviously, you cannot do that in a friendly chat. You have to write a which will outline key problems which you’re going to solve in the research paper, literature overview in which you explain the choice of information sources and studies; you also have to prove actuality of the chosen topic. The structure of research proposal outline template has to be very precise and clear. Having read it, your professor should perfectly understand what topic you have chosen, why you made such a choice, and how you’re going to achieve the final goal of your research paper.


Preliminary Research Proposal Outline. A Basic Proposal Outline: a. Problem Definition: Stated the research problem clearly, EVALUATION RUBRIC: PRELIMINARY EXAM - PROPOSAL PRESENTATION Last modified by: jricksy Company:. Abstract preliminary research proposal The abstract is a brief summary of your Ph. Generally, you will be required. A thesis proposal is a document that outlines a student's preliminary thesis statement



Persons interested in doing research at DDI should contact the RRC Chairperson, Dr. Kim James () for information about the approval process. The Chairperson will mail the Primary Investigator the DDI Research Proposal Outline and will be available to answer any questions about the submission and review process. The Primary Investigator will submit a formal proposal to the RRC Chairperson, using the DDI Research Proposal Outline. The RRC Chairperson will distribute the proposal to Committee members for an initial screening review. If the committee determines that a research project is not appropriate for DDI, the Primary Investigator will be notified. If the project is potentially appropriate for our organization, the Chairperson will contact the Primary Investigator to schedule a proposal meeting with the Committee.

At the review meeting, the Primary Investigator will present and overview of the proposed study followed by a Question and Answer opportunity. The presentation must include the opportunity for the RRC to review all relevant materials (e.g., questionnaires, video of procedures, consent forms). Following the presentation and review, the RRC will make one of the following decisions. The decision will be documented and given to the Primary Investigator: