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Q: Can I transfer from Master’s thesis work to PhD?
A: You may apply to do so, usually after at least 6 months of Master’s thesis work, and provided there is evidence of substantial quality progress in your research. You will have to submit (i), a letter to the Manager of Student Records, Registry level 3, explaining that you want to transfer, (ii), an application to enrol for PhD (the form exists at the website), (iii), a comprehensive description of progress for MSc, (iv), supervisor and HOD/HOS comments on your progress (using the form at the same website), (v), a research proposal for PhD (this should be a comprehensive document such as would normally be submitted after 6 months of PhD enrolment, and which should indicate clearly how your MSc studies can be upgraded to PhD level, and which must clearly indicate what has been done already, and what needs to be done for PhD with possible timelines), and (vi), a completed form applying for registration of your research proposal (use the form at the same website). Your HOD/HOS and supervisor will have to sign off and fill in various parts of the three official forms, and they'll have to see your progress report and research proposal before they can do that. If your HOD/HOS and supervisor support your transfer, and if the Dean of Postgraduate Studies approves it, your PhD enrolment will usually be backdated to the start of your MSc thesis enrolment. In other words, if you are a full-time student, you will have 4 years to complete your work after the date on which you started your Master’s thesis, not 4 years from the time of transfer.

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Research Proposal for PhD in Education

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