Research Proposal Draft by yew20072

Distinction Project Components
Students are, at a minimum, expected to include the following components (or approved equivalents) in their completed project. The order and length of each component will depend on your research question and methodology. Your research proposal draft for GLBL 494 will include most of these pieces, requiring only revision and expansion for your final project, which will be in the 50 page range on average.

Messages and Organizational Reputation: Research Proposal Draft MSU

Many students had just registered and had not yet started with their research proposals. They were advised to start with their research proposals and alerted to the fact that they only had one year left to complete their Research Proposal Module. They were also advised to visit MyUnisa (MPEDU91 and DPEDU01) to access the materials that have been posted for them, as well as to familiarise themselves with the policies and procedures of the postgraduate programme. Those that had already submitted their research proposal draft had been assigned supervisors already. So there were not many queries about supervisor allocation. The few queries received were of an administrative and technical nature, e.g. students could not be re-registered because they had no access online, their course codes were not active, etc. These queries were noted by Prof MT Gumbo so he could follow them up with DSAR.

11/10 (Tuesday) by Noon Research Proposal Draft Due

Team Research Proposal Draft (team grade; Due 12/9; submit via Canvas)