Longitudinal research skills development is incorporated via embedded lectures and activities in DPP courses during PY1 and PY2. The members of the Pathway committee provide introductory Pathway material in the fall semester of the PY1 Information Skills course. In the spring, a lecture during the PY1 Skills Lab series assists with formulating a research topic, including how to generate a research hypothesis. Students submit their hypotheses in the spring semester of PY1 for review by the Pathway committee. During PY2 courses, development of a student’s chosen topic is supported through lectures and laboratory activities focused on writing a research proposal and Institutional Review Board (IRB) application. During this year, students submit their research proposal background and references to their advisor (graded for completion by advisor) and research proposal to the Pathway committee (approved and graded for content by the committee). In the PY3 year, students submit an IRB application (if needed) and conduct the project. Research progress benchmarks are embedded in the PY3 Problem-Solving course series and are assessed each block for a course grade. In the PY4 year, students present the outcomes of their research in the seminar course. Students may complete any of the assignments ahead of schedule in PY1-PY3, if desired.

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Writing A Research Proposal Background..

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