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For the research proposal assignment, students were asked to choose a real or imagined library program or service to propose to evaluate. I chose to write a proposal to evaluate a real service—a mobile application—at The Seattle Public Library (SPL), where I have worked since 2007. Students were instructed to write our proposals in such a way that the various stakeholders, e.g. administrators, board members, and funding agents, would support them; we were also instructed to write about the research methods and processes we would propose using to evaluate the program or service.

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Three of the four first-year students stated that they would have liked to see sample proposals to help them in preparing the research proposal assignment. One advanced student suggested that a mini pilot study be added to the proposal assignment so that students would have an opportunity to find out their weaknesses in “technical issues” and statistics.

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Yenika-Agbaw started teaching online for World Campus and had the opportunity to work with an instructional designer to develop a new course. VoiceThread was recommended as a way to get the students involved in each other’s learning and research, and she reluctantly agreed. After the first semester of using VoiceThread for the research proposal assignment, Yenika-Agbaw felt it was a very effective method for students to share information and to learn from each other.