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In late November, high school social studies teachers in the Portland area got our first look at proposed tests that the state claims will promote "higher standards." The tests -- which Oregon students will need to pass in order to earn a Certificate of Initial Mastery -- confirmed our worst fears. They are a collection of random multiple choice questions, demanding rote memorization and the application of almost no higher level thinking skills. If anything resembling these pilot tests is implemented, social studies teachers will have to substantially dumb-down our curriculum to insure students' success.

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There are ten random multiple choice questions. If you get the correct answers, you score two points. If you're not sure what the answer is, you can use the Digicheat option to swot up on the answers. However, if you do this and then get the correct answer, you only get one point. You have to get every question right without using the Digicheat to win the Crest of Knowledge.

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Once all MCQ were 100% I would tackle the sims which usually only took a day. The week leading up to the test I would just do around 50-100 random multiple choice questions a day and review my word file making hand written notes. As I was making my notes I made another sheet of things to memorize, like journal entries for the different methods of treasury stock. A few days before the test I would make sure everything I had on the memorization sheet I knew by heart, which was done by just taking a few hours to keep writing it out over and over.

I am trying to create a multiple choice quiz, using vb6, whereby the user selects a difficulty level and then is presented with 5 randomly selected multiple choice questions of that difficulty from a set of 20.Soccer Quiz is a simple quiz that challenges your knowledge of soccer . In this demo version, you will be asked 10 random multiple choice questions of varying degrees of difficulty & knowledge. All you must do is rack your brains and answer. No time limits. No difficulty levels. Also, you don’t have to worry about scores!