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Specific focus will be placed on gaps in scientific capacity within the research process including: developing effective qualitative research proposals; longitudinal qualitative research and mixed methods research design; development of field training materials; and the field application of qualitative methods. Attention will also be given to a range of cross-cutting issues that apply throughout the research process, such as: ethical challenges in qualitative research; quality of qualitative research; and exploring new technologies for qualitative research in population studies.

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MARSHALL and ROSSMAN's book is a well-informed, competently written and a comprehensive introduction to qualitative research methods and distinguishes itself from other introductory books by the fact that it offers a practical guide for the writing of qualitative research proposals. However, as the authors note, this volume does not intend to replace the numerous books that deal with specific theoretical issues and methods in qualitative research. Since the book does not explore in detail the philosophical bases, the history and the methods applied in qualitative analysis, the advanced graduate student or the professional social scientist already familiar with this genre of research methodology will need to look for additional guidance in books that deal specifically and more deeply with one or with a group of qualitative methods or issues, some of which are referred, at the end of each chapter as suggestions for further reading. []

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