What is the purpose of an annotated bibliography

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to provide your reader with a fairly complete list of relevant scholarly sources on a given topic. Each entry of an annotated bibliography provides full bibliographical information as well as commentary, generally 2-10 sentences, about each source. In a descriptive annotation the commentary summarizes the book or article and explains how the author addresses the topic. An evaluative annotation includes an evaluation of the quality of the information; in answering the question of how successfully the author achieved what he/she set out to do.

 (UC Santa Cruz) Explains the definition, content, and purpose of an annotated bibliography.

The disciplinary area and purpose of an individual annotated bibliography will determine its character. However, in most cases, it is your chance to:

Purpose of an annotated bibliography

What is the purpose of an annotated bibliography?

The purpose of an annotated bibliography is to reflect on the things that you have read in yourresearch and begin to synthesize the ideas you have gathered. An annotated bibliography may pointyour readers towards more sources on the topic that may be interesting or helpful for them.