Draft Proposal for PhD Research *** (Working) Title

Only the best 10 percent of the chemistry students are eligible for the programme. A crucial part is the preparation of a proposal for PhD research to be performed by the students themselves. The best proposals are rewarded with an actual PhD position, financed through the Graduate Programme of the Netherlands Organisation for Scientific Research (NWO). Recently the HRSMC selected the first two students to be awarded such a PhD position: Hans de Bruijn (UL) and Kaj van Vliet (VU).

Developed proposal for PhD research, developed classes and taught on political philosophy

The requirements for completion are four term courses beyond the Master’s degree, a comprehensive examination and a successfully defended thesis. The objective of the comprehensive exam is to establish to the satisfaction of the Department that the student has a sound proposal for PhD research, an effective grasp of his/her main and related areas of study and the ability to handle facts, new ideas and concepts at the PhD level. The exam must be completed within four to eighteen months of registering in the PhD program.

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Congrats to Alex Bruno for successfully defending his proposal for PhD research in the Harvard-MIT Health Sciences and Technology Program!