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The speakers will present an overview of their recently completed, NSF funded, research project in the area of statistics education. The main focus of our research was a study of the impact of highly student-centered discovery projects in statistics on students’ learning and disposition. This multi-year study included instructors at institutions around the United States, had both quantitative and qualitative components, and sought to better understand what factors might influence the effectiveness of these projects. We will describe the major objectives of our project; such as the materials we prepared, the workshop conducted for our pilot instructors, and other dissemination efforts of the speakers.

Life on an Island: a Simulated Population to Support Student Projects in Statistics

This report focuses on two projects in statistics education that were partnerships between statisticians, researchers and teachers. It explores the factors that contributed to the success of these projects.

Projects in Statistics Courses - Austin Community College

Project Description: I would like to supervise projects in statistics or machine learning.

3 Having students do projects in a statistics course is not a new idea; descriptions of two successful implementations, one forengineering students and one for MBA students, can be found in and . At St. Joseph's University,students (usually math majors) in our calculus-based statisticscourse are routinely required to do projects at the end of thesemester. Students majoring in sociology and psychology take aresearch methods course in their major departments, in which theymust complete a project. It seemed that requiring projects in an elementary statistics course would be just as valuable an experience, even if the projects were somewhat limited in scope.