How to choose age level appropriate art projects for youth groups

Anything seafarers find useful: toiletries, mending kits, various smaller articles of clothing, first aid kits, etc. Ditty bags make great service projects for youth groups or adult ministries in your church. Get involved in a ministry that seafarers greatly appreciate!

Christmas Crafts for Teens: Holiday Projects for Youth Groups and High School CCD Classes

Please share the website with others and continue to help us get these amazing backpacks to needy parts of the world. We have heard of Sunday school and children’s church classes sponsoring $1,600 backpacks. They have also become sponsorship projects for youth groups, women’s ministries, ISOM schools and individuals. Please consider making a New Year’s resolution to believe God to finance a backpack to the poor, from you to the nations, in 2014. At the minimum, please take the 2020 challenge and believe God for $20 a month for 20 months. It is such a do-able program. If we all participate, so much can be achieved.

Suggested projects for youth groups: • Mercy kit

This would be great projects for youth groups too

Our scrap broken solar cells are the perfect way to introduce yourself, your children or students to the world of solar cells and solar power. All of our scrap broken solar cells are completely functional, but were just left over scrap from the manufacturing process. Our scrap broken solar cells consist of both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline cells - which means you can decide which type of solar cells are the right choice for you. And, our broken solar cells are great for a variety of applications, such as testing and experimenting with solar energy and learning about solar energy. The broken solar cells are ideal for classroom projects, projects for youth groups or just teaching your children all about how to work with solar energy in a safe, affordable way.