Profile of a Project Working Group member: Molly Costello

IAFC Digital Project Working Group Produces Best Practices Presentation
June 2, 2008... Publication of the IAFC (pdf) follows a year of extensive study of current practices supported by laboratory testing. Two reports will detail this study and laboratory testing (see NTIA report and DPWG Interim Report).

SPECA Project Working Group (PWG) on Trade

The held the first meeting of the Project Working Group (PWG) for the “Improving the Business and Investment Climate in Iraq – Policy Dialogue and Capacity Building for Key Actors” project on 21 May 2014 at Iraq’s National Investment Commission () in Baghdad. The Swedish International Development Co-operation Agency () funds this project.

DOE Contract and Project Management Working Group Report

Project Working Group (PWG) on Trade, 26 October 2009, Geneva, Switzerland

Within the HIDRA project three working groups were established. The Groups focus, respectively, on Scenario, Societal factors, and Protective measures. The activities of each group are described below.