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Project Services Group, LLC (PSG): PSG has been providing reliable, high quality staff support and professional project services to the Department of Energy (DOE) and other federal agencies since the company began in 2003. Specifically, PSG's partnership approach and performance with Savannah River Nuclear Solutions, and previously Washington Savannah River Company, has continued to expand PSG's contracted tasks. PSG has worked on-site with DOE Headquarters, Environmental Management Consolidated Business Center, Los Alamos National Laboratory, Nevada National Security Site or N2S2 (formerly known as the Nevada Test Site) and Idaho National Laboratory. PSG is a certified SDB who provides reliable, nationwide professional services to both the Federal Government and Federal Contractors on many of the most significant nuclear projects in the Weapons Complex. PSG has been awarded several prime contracts with DOE and has performed this work successfully through independent achievement and by teaming with other professional support companies that meet the many needs and expectations of PSG's clients.

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Project Services Group, Inc. is a systems integration engineering firm with expertise in the food and beverage industry. PSG manufactures material handling, conveying, processing and packaging equipment. Our engineering team will take your project from initial concept, through design,PSG Overview manufacturing and total integration.