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Formative coursework: One non-assessed project research proposal (2,000 words) in week 5. Students are expected to deliver a first research plan of their proposed project. It is expected that it will have a comparative character, comparing regions, countries or other geographic units that are of policy relevance. The research project will follow a structure: First, it will depart from identifying a specific social policy hypothesized to have an impact on health, addressing the question: what are the specific hypotheses that lead us to expect that this policy will have an impact on health? Second, students will shortly summarize key literature, and identify the gaps in knowledge. Third, students will propose a concrete research question that can be addressed empirically and that contributes to filling a gap in the literature. Finally, they will outline an approach to address the proposed question, and discuss the potential strengths and limitations of their approach. Students will receive feedback on this paper, which will serve as basis for the development of the final proposed project paper.

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The YODA Project will require that requestors provide basic information about the Principal Investigator, Key Personnel, and the project Research Proposal, including a scientific abstract and research methods. Registration information will be used by the YODA Project to track use of the data, promote the responsible conduct of research, and to publicly post information about who has obtained access to the data and for what scientific purpose.

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Students must complete an original research project that is worthy of publication(s) in a refereed journal. A project research proposal must be approved by the student's Advisory Committee within the first 18 months. The completed proposal with the Departmental cover page signed by each member of the student's Advisory Committee must also be placed in the student’s departmental folder within the above time frame. For students who enter the program during the summer, this 18-month duration starts in August with the beginning of the fall semester. For all other students this 18-month duration starts the first day of the semester in August or January, depending on when the student first started the program