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How does the project intake process just described fit into the overall project management model? CTM's project management model is based on the five project process groups defined in the Project Management Institute's Project Management Body of Knowledge guide. The process groups are initiating, planning, executing, closing, and monitoring and controlling.

That page of PMBOK shows the mapping of the Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas.

Project integration management is primarily concerned with integrating processes to accomplish project objectives.
The seven process are:
The seven processes in the Project Integration Management knowledge area work in concert to facilitate proper project coordination. The project integration requires each process seamlessly links and fuels the next process
All project management processes are divided into the following five project process groups:
The project process groups overlap, interact, and directly affect one another as they all play out the greater project plan. These interactions create project management synchronization.

project management process groups chart Source:

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The Initiation Process Group is the first of the five PMBOK-defined project process groups. The initiation processes formalize the authorization to start a project or phase. Keep in mind that the process groups can apply to a project or a specific phase within a project. Take a look at the section for more information.