Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping

We will be using the famous Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas Mapping table from PMBOK guide, which is shown below, to demonstrate how we can easily relate the process to its Process Group and Knowledge Area.

That page of PMBOK shows the mapping of the Project Management Process Groups and Knowledge Areas.

When preparing to work on a project, it is important for the projectmanager to understand how to properly structure the project so thateverything goes as smoothly as possible. While there is no way tocompletely prevent all small problems (and sometimes large problems)having a clear understanding of the necessary processes can help youmore effectively manage your project. By putting these processes ingroups, each with a specific group of necessary tasks and objectives,it is possible to break down a seemingly huge project into digestiblechunks. The five main project management process groups are initiating,planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, and closing.

Project Management Process Groups

project management process groups and knowledge areas mapping table  Source:

However, conventional project management software isn’t designed with project management process groups in mind. Project managers are forced to adopt inefficient processes and workflows that undermine project success rather than enable it. Fortunately, there’s Clarizen.